(Little) Tess's photo album

"Little Tess" was a rescue dog that came to me in June of 1997 - her former owner gave her up. Since her name was "Tess" and I owned a "Tessa" I called her "Little" Tess. She was such a sweet and wonderful dog I seriously considered keeping her.

But one day as I was looking at her and talking to her like I do with all my dogs. I asked her, "Tess would you rather have a home of your own??? Would you like to be the _Number one Special dog_? where you are the "first most special" dog in the family???"
Just then the phone rang (yes this is a true story!) It was Bill (smile) my friend Kathy Greenwood told him I had a dog I was thinking of placing..... At that second, I knew I was talking to "Little's" new owner.

Tess's owners Bill and Meredith are wonderful people. Something tells me that Tess was destine to be there dog, it was just matter of time! Bill and Meredith are perfect for Tess, there never could have been a better home for my "Little Tess" I am so thankful she lives with them.

What a happy content dog. One can just see how happy she is in her home in MO with Bill and Meridith.

Tess.... CLIMB!

Tess climbing up one of the many bales of native Prairie grass that Bill grows on their property

Tess.... JUMP!

Tess leaping from bale to bale!

Thanks to Bill and Meredith and the many other people that give Malinois a second chance.

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