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Pups from 10-3
I have found that with this litter I have not had time to keep up with the diary as I would have liked to, so most of this diary is going to be pictures until I have time to go back through and add text updates from the email diary updates I have been sending to waiting puppy owners.

Pictures from 10-7


Table for what the pups have been up to including keeping track of
the Rule of Sevens
by the time the pups are 7 weeks old Been on 7 different surfaces played with 7 different objects Been in 7 different locations been exposed to 7 different challenges eaten from 7 different containers eaten in 7 different locations met and played with 7
different people
bath mat, other whelping material, plastic bottom of kids wading pool.               Puppies started Early Neurological stimulation on day 3 and finished on day 16

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