Rescued and Rehomed

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See Little Tess's page she was adopted in 1997 by a wonderful couple,
Bill and Meridith Cecil of MO

This is Jolie
when she first entered foster care November 1998
she weighed 48#

It was a great Valentines day for Jolie! she was adopted to her new home with Mark, Mary, and 3 year old Alex! I could not have asked for a better "team" to continue training Jolie. She is a very special and sweet dog that I think will return all their efforts to help teach her a hundred fold!
Here is Jolie NOW!

Here is Jolie and Mark - Jolie is now 71#

Thanks so much to Mark and his family for considering a rescue dog.

UPDATE - 10-1-99 Jolie update, Please read on! from "Mary" a member of Jolie's adoptive family

Hi Catherine! I just wanted to update you on the progress of Jolie. She is absolutely perfect!!! Her new trick is to roll over for a treat. She gets so excited, she does two or three rolls at once. I know she is trying to please me.....or at least I want to think that. I actually think she wants the treat more than anything and boy, she sure is determined to get it.

She sleeps on the bed, on the pillows next to me, and when Mark comes to bed, he has to move her over. She purposely weighs herself down so it's harder to move her. She is devoted to Mark. She has started to bark when someone is at the door. She really hasn't had too many instances to be a "watch dog", but, I feel that she would protect us if needed.

She loves to go for walks and she walks perfect on the leash. We go to Anacortes quite a bit and she roams the beaches with us. Her nose is constantly going. We also go to Ellensburg for the weekends where she has a wonderful "cousin" she plays with for three days straight. Mark's sister has a 6 month old shepherd who is learning all the tricks from Jolie. Jolie was gentle in the beginning as Jack was just 6 weeks old, but now, they play hard! She loves the company of the other dog, but, when play time is over she goes straight to one of us, hugs, and gets in our laps and falls asleep.

Her attitude towards Alex, who is 4 now, is tremendous. She has never given us cause to worry. She has gained weight and now is 76 lbs. She looks perfect. Her coat is soft and healthy, however, she still bites quite a bit. We are giving her natural dog food and have taken her to the vet twice. He prescribed pills for her itching. We give her baths with special soap.

We have looked at the other rescue dogs on the web page and still are thinking of getting a brother or sister for Jolie. After seeing her with Jack, we now know that she will be happy and content with a playmate. Please advise Mark and myself on what we should look for. I really would like a male. We definitely want to adopt a rescue dog. If we could get one that is half a wonderful as Jolie, we would be so happy! The dogs that are on the pages are all beautiful. We would be willing to pay to have one shipped across the country if needed. We feel so lucky to have been introduced to you, and for being able to add Jolie to our family. Thank you so much for everything. Sincerely, Mary Stetson

I'm sad to report that Jolie went to wait at the Rainbow Bridge on 8-17-02, she left her tired body with Mark by her side. I will forever be greatful to Mark, Mary and Alex for loving Jolie so much.

Below are some beautiful pictures taken of Jolie summer 2002 - I treasure these pictures

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