The Silver Litter

Our 2nd week..............

February 22, 2004

The pups are now 10 days old. For a few more
days they will have a night time pen and a day time pen.
Their day time pen is a larger wading pool with higher sides.
Rave still seems to like the pen she has been using up until today, so for a
few more nights (until we have a jail break) the pups will continue
to sleep in the bedroom.

The pups in their day time pool 10 days old

February 24, 2004

The pups continue to do well. Just a few more days of
the High Achievers program and that stage of their
socialization will be over. I noticed that some of
the pups are getting very slight eye slits!
Soon they will have little eyes to take in the world.
And soon they will be able to hear! Gosh I can’t wait!

February 26, 2004

The pups continue to do well.
Today was weigh ins, the scale I use now just
weighs at the .25 lb but it is close enough. Blue, Gold and
Green were 2.5 lbs the rest of the litter weighed in at 3 lbs.
Below are a few picutres of Rave andpups at 2 weeks.
Pups also now have their first pictures on their own pages!
Have I mentioned? I need to trim toenails on the pups!

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