Stardust Moon Litter Diary

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August 28

I am always amazed how FAST the time goes with babies. Laurie and I decided to pay tribute to your "youth" of the 80s and went to the Rick Springfield concert - we had a BLAST. But FIRST I had to go see babies! I had just seen them a few days prior! but at this age they change SO FAST. Laurie promises more picture SOON.

The sound socialization CDs also started today, we have a CD of all sorts of every day and not so everyday noises as well as a CD of an indoor agility trial.
Eyes are all open and they now bark move around more and more. They seem like tiny baby dogs vs little blobs of just a week ago. Laurie's nephew is spending part of the weekend with her so they will get to play with Ryan who can be seen in most all my Diary's since the 2005 litter. All is well!

Almost done with the early neurological stimulation, day 16 will be the last day.


August 30

Moon babies!


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