Stardust Moon Litter Diary

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Sept 6

The puppies and Laurie had a very busy week! it is amazing how fast they change. The pups are now in a bigger pen in the 2nd bedroom, have had several trips outside and are barking and playing. The pups even had a Pizza party on the 3rd when several friends from Laurie's work came to play. These were the pups first visitors from outside Laurie's extended family. The pups are now eating 1 meal a day, and with this starts clicker training for the next few weeks the pups will be fed and clicked as they eat to learn what a clicker means. They continue to listen to their sound socialization CDs and by all accounts are doing great. I was able to visit with the puppies on the 6th and they all look great, happy, playful and curious just as they should be!

By the time a puppy is 7 weeks old (end of seven weeks) it should have:

BEEN ON 7 different surfaces: Carpet Concrete Wood Vinyl Grass Dirt Gravel Wood Chips Newspaper Etc.

PLAYED WITH 7 different types of objects: Big Balls Small Balls Soft Fabric Toys Fuzzy Balls Squeaky Toys Metal Items Wooden Items Paper/Cardboard Items Milk/Soda Jugs Etc.

BEEN IN 7 different locations: Front Yard Back Yard Basement Kitchen Car Garage Laundry Room Bathroom Crate Kennel Etc.

BEEN EXPOSED to 7 challenges: Climbed a box Climbed off a box Go thru a tunnel Climbed up steps Climbed down steps Climbed over obstacles Played hide & seek Go in & out doorway with a step Etc.

EATEN FROM 7 different containers: Metal Plastic Cardboard Paper China Pie Plate Frying pan Etc.

EATEN IN 7 different locations: Crate Yard Kitchen Basement Laundry room Bathroom X-pen Etc.

MET AND PLAYED WITH 7 new people: including children & the elderly


Here are pictures from the last week pic are from at just barely 3 weeks to 3 weeks plus a few days
. The pups are now also wearing break away cat collars.


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