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The Sun litter is here!
6 males 4 females!

August 27th
They are getting so much fun, they are now 3 1/2 weeks old. We had fun today as Ryan made his first visit to see the pups

Time for a snack back inside, Lilac had a great idea being in the middle of the food pan!

Sept 1
The little Sun bathers are doing well! as I wrote and told the Sun people today (smile) I think???? I have at least 1 Terv in the litter????
Time will tell! see how this pup grew up click here 10-13-07 he turned out NOT to be a Terv!

Some of what the pups have been up to. Most of this week they have spent time outside during the day, on Wed/Thursday not midday as it was just too hot. Today they have been out since 6:30 this morning!
At night they are now sleeping in the garage! Yahoo! they are eating well. I started at 1 cup 3x a day and am now feeding them 2 cups of soaked food 3x a day - making that 6 cups total per day for just the pups. Promise is eating 9 cups a day! lets just say there is a lot of poop at my house right now. Promise has held her weight well but his showing signs that those pups have TEETH and she is not as thrilled about nursing them.
The pups had been noisy last week, and I think it had most to do with the fact that they were hungry - they LIKE their food and they are happier. Now I only really hear them if someone is ticked off or "lost" or wanting to be someplace they can't get to!
Other things the pups have been exposed to so far, When outside listening to my next door neighbors power tools they are redoing the inside of their house, down to tearing out drywall! Their work area outside is about 15 yards to where the pups are hanging out on the grass. They have heard the dremel as I do nails, they heard and got some blowing from a distance of my forced air dryer as I dried Shine after a bath today. Of course the laundry is only 6' from their pen in the garage LOL. Also they have all then FUN toys in their expen on the grass and are learning go crawl on things and are starting to use their mouths to bite and grab things.
While not perfect? I'm DARN amazed at how well they use their potty box!! yahoo! it makes cleaning up SO MUCH easier! (even more so with 10 puppies!)
I know I must always be bias and I always love my pups, but these pups are neat, they are very similar and I see SO MUCH of what I expect to see from Duc kids! I think there is a lot of Duc in these pups!

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